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Freelance web developer met interesse in AI, robotica, frontend en backend php development.


The second semester has been cleared by me, seem to be the only one so far, and the last (third) semester has started. The third semester has the final project. In this project I proposed to make a dating web site that makes use of artificial intelligence. The AI is used in the matching system. Since AI is very suitable for matching and to make inferences. In the first stage however I had and have to read about what makes a good match, a system can learn this, but that takes a while, so to start with some real human knowledge will make the system at least somewhat robust. This knowledge is in the form of an expert system, based on the knowledge of people in the field of social psychology, matches are made. Besides crisp reasoning, fuzzy logic, is applied. Since most human logic is vague, fuzzy sets and inferences can represent this knowledge in a better war. Besides the fuzzy logic I try to implement neural networks to learn which characteristics will combine for a good match. This last part is optional since the whole implementation using AJAX, PHP, Perl, MySQL and possibly AIR is a whole lot of work in its own. Not to mention to review the literature and of course to present all this in my thesis.

Since it is hard to find a good name for a daitng site that has not been taken I registered the following domains which were still free. Unfortunately some people have no clue what AI is about (well it is Artiificial Intelligence), which I used in the names and, as an alternative I also registered If anyone knows an original name thatis not taken, please let me know.


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