Welkom op de website van Roderik Emmerink. Ik heb hier informatie geplaatst over mijn opleiding Computational Intelligence and Robotics, en mijn voormalige opleidingen Kunstmatige intelligentie en Elektrotechniek, verder vind je op de website informatie over mijn interesses, en niet te vergeten hou ik je op de hoogte van mijn overtuigingen en belevenissen.

De 4e Mr. Meesters Puzzel

Nu in afwachting van de Dr Denker? En wellicht hebt u ook al die opwarmers achter de kiezen. Bijt uw tanden dan maar eens stuk op deze Mr Meesterspuzzel van Meester Leo. Het thema van de puzzel is sport.


(Nederlands) Gratis aandeel bij Trading 212

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(Nederlands) Antwoorden Dr Denker

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Since September I work for Amgate where I recently started to develop iPhone apps. To get an impression you can visit the Amgate App Center.

Apparaten en printers

Soms wens je je dat je nooit die cursus logica had gevolgd.

Computational Intelligence and Robotics

AIBO robothondSince September 2007 I am doing the MSc Computational Intelligence and Robotics course in Leicester. This is somewhat similar to artificial intelligence, but it is slightly more focussed towards applications of AI and less focussed on the research towards human intelligence. Moreover I have applied for the RobotChallenge in Vienna. The picture shows the robotdog AIBO, which I will probably use in the competition.


Sylvia in MayrnhofenIn the week of new year (2005/2006) we were (Sylvia and I) in Zell am Ziller for wintersports. The skiing area, Zillertal Arena, was very good, we visited the different subareas on different days. During the week I nearly skied all the slopes once. Rob Muntz (environmental knights) also visited the Zillertal, het points at the environmental effects related at global warming as a result of skiing. Well as long as skiing is possible and affordable you can still find me annually on the skiing slopes. The photos will soon be added to the website.


Wintersports in LengriessRoderik (I), Sylvia and Tanja went for wintersports in Lenggries. Information regarding wintersports, hotel and so forth can be found at wintersport page.
The photos of the holiday can be found at the photo page.

(Nederlands) Dr Denker kerstpuzzel

dr denker kerstpuzzelYearly in between christmas and new year I enjoy solving the Dr. Denker rebus puzzle. Like every year the puzzle consisting of of 40 rebusses could be found in the Dagblad van het Noorden (regional newspaper targeting the north of The Netherlands). U can find the puzzle of 2007 on the website. On the blog you can exchange your findings regarding the puzzle of 2007.

(Nederlands) De Nationale Wetenschapsquiz

the national science quiz jury Christmas eve, a moment to look out for, the national science quiz. Yearly 20 extraordinary multiple choice questions that are open to a lot of discussion and reconsideration are published in news papers and television guides. The atmosphere of the quiz including its experiments is a feast, currently with Denvis, not bad, but the absurdistic presentation of Wim T Schippers is unsurpassed. Its a shame he won't pick it up again after the sad event some years ago of the premature publication of the questions.

The adventures of Roderik

bread with hailsOne day... Roderik prepares a slice of bread. He takes two slices of bread from the bread cabin and tops them with a delicious coloured hail topping. Well Roderik, that will be feast!

eat breadSure, that is feast. Roderik takes the slices one by one and enjoys the hail topping. Roderik is happy, because when his mom will return she does not have to complain that he is eating too less.

Philips, high tech, free beer...

engineer Roderik Emmerink and engineer Marinus van Heuvelen in the coach at the Philips High Tech CampusWith the top management of Archytas, Marinus, and I, Roderik, we've been to the 'Design your own future' event at Philips in Eindhoven. Philips strategy is to rule the market with their connected planet concept and with e-ink (but actually Sony will bring that to the market). Photography was not allowed, and of course there was (free) beer available...