Happy Birthday, Mr Feynman

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Today, May 11th, it is Richard Feynman's birthday. A great scientist that won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Besides being a great scientist he was able to express the ideas to the general public. The documentary "The pleasure of finding things out" by Horizon is worth the watching and it inspires to do science ;-). But besides Feynman it was the birthday of Gwen's mother, Mothers'day in some countries, bot not in UK and my own birthday. The weather is great, sunny, sometimes quite hot. Gwen made a cake, and I bought one also - buying one is prob. cheaper than making it yourself - it tastes deliciously). However haven't done too much today. Exams are coming up and assignments are piling up, so from next week it's time to arrange some more time for studying. However not today ;-).


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