Brighton Pier

A bit more then a month ago, just before the intelligent mobile robots exam, Chaekith and I, went on a trip to Brighton. Brighton is small city in the south of England with a nice beach and the well know Brighton Pier. On the Pier there were different types of entertainment. So there was a carnival in the end, though quite expensive, some gambling halls, vending stores and terrace to sit and watch over the sea.


Some months ago we have been to Manchester. Visiting the stadium and the city centre. On the photo you see our guide in the stadium. Many Dutch players seem to play for the club (e.g. Van der Sar). The city centre was definitely not as good as Oxford or Stratford upon Avond. We met Chinsky

Birmingham Central Mosque

Some months ago I went to the Mosque in Birmingham. The trip was organised by DSU and is part of the interfaith project. The mosque is one of the biggest in Europe. As a main place of worship I therefore expected it to be a wealthy place, however it turned out te be quite basic