5 November I graduated for my MSc Computational Intelligence and Robotics course together with Chaekith and Jonathan. On the photo you see me in my graduaton dress with Chaekith next to me. The ceremony was a nice experience.

Although my father is not in very good health he still decided to join us for some days to England so that we could be present there altogether. We did not stay in Leicester itself but at a farmer's B&B. A good choice, nice rooms, and an excellent typical English breakfast of choice (see the photos that come soon).

RobotChallenge Vienna 2008

Already more than a month ago, finally I've got the photo's of the RobotChallenge on my web site. The robotchallenge in Vienna is an international event where teams compete in different challenges. Chaekith Chandranna and I participated in the Parallel Slalom and Enhanced Parallalel Slalom challenges. The robotchallenge was a very nice experience. No prizes

Nieuw kwartaal

Een nieuw kwartaal is weer begonnen met dit kwartaal de vakken Kunstmatige Intelligentie II dat vooral over patroonherkenning gaat. Het vak Voorgezette Logica, dat over het maken van bewijzen gaat in verschillende logica's en het vak Fysische Methoden dat gaat over elementaire natuurkunde en neurofysica.